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Rosie's Pantry

On May 28, 2023, we launched a community hygiene pantry in Vicksburg, Mississippi!  Through Rosie’s Pantry, we expanded our offerings to address diaper needs and introduce low-income and Black menstruators to high-quality menstrual care products.  We serve an average of 150-200 families at each distribution! Consider donating to help us continue our work and keep our pantry stocked!


1 in 4 Campaign

The 1 in 4 campaign focuses on tackling period poverty in Mississippi schools and falls under the Advocacy pillar of our mission. Nearly 1 in 4 students across the country struggle to access period products. In 2022 we successfully advocated for an Aunt Flow menstrual product dispenser to be installed all three Vicksburg Warren School District high schools. 601 for Period Equity also regularly donates menstrual health supplies to local schools in Central Mississippi.  In preparation for the fall semester 2023, we donated hygiene products to over 30 public Mississippi schools.

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The Magnolia Project 

  • The Magnolia Project strives to enrich the lives of young girls through an active investment in their personhood in its entirety through community building intergenerationally. Reimaging mentorship, The Magnolia Project encourages more experienced adult women to build and sustain community with young girls striving to become more fulfilled versions of themselves as they journey through being. Through the Magnolia Project, young and adult Black girls are able to empower each other and thrive, for there are few spaces that cater to the healing and empowerment of young and adult Black girls in Southeast Mississippi. This empowerment is sustained through virtual and in-person programming, a curated curriculum designed to engage the entirety of Black womanhood in an inclusive and intentional way. 

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