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About Us

601 for Period Equity is a grassroots organization that started in January 2021 in Vicksburg, MS by sisters Asia and Laila Brown. Since then, 601 for Period Equity has added a Jackson branch led by Jackson-native Maisie Brown. Since its founding, 601 for Period Equity has provided tens of thousands of menstrual care supplies to menstruators in need across the state of Mississippi, advocated for the abolishment of the luxury sales tax on menstrual care products in MS, and partnered with local community organizations and schools to bring awareness to the issue of period poverty. 601 for Period Equity has three pillars to our mission: Advocacy, Education, and Mutual Aid.

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601 for Period Equity advocates for period equity amongst Black and other marginalized communities. We believe that period care products should be free because they are a necessity, not a luxury. The "tampon tax" (the 7% luxury sales tax placed on period care products in Mississippi) is one of many barriers that marginalized communities face to accessing period care products.  Menstrual health education should be included in comprehensive sex education in schools, and free period care products should be offered in schools and public institutions. 601 for Period Equity advocates for the abolition of the "tampon tax", menstrual health education in schools, and free menstrual care products for menstruators. In 2022, 601 for Period Equity successfully advocated for an Aunt Flow menstrual product dispenser to be installed in each Vicksburg Warren School District High School.

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At 601 for Period Equity, we believe that menstrual health education should be taught to all menstruators in a way that empowers them to feel confident, comfortable, and knowledgeable about their bodies. We hope to develop a menstrual health education program for women, girls, and trans menstruators, as well as include menstrual health education literature in our period care packages.

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Mutual Aid

601 for Period Equity provides mutual aid to menstruators in our local community in the form of free menstrual care packages. We believe that period care products should be free and accessible to all, regardless of gender identity, race, and class. We never ask those we serve to prove that they are in need or put a limit to the amount of times they can request aid.

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