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Rosie's Pantry

Coming Summer 2023

The Vision

Period poverty and diaper need are prevalent issues in Mississippi exacerbated by poverty, the COVID-19 pandemic, and inflation. The purpose of establishing Rosie's Pantry will be to distribute free menstrual care products and diapers to residents of Vicksburg, MS. We believe that everyone deserves access to basic needs and hope this pantry can become a safe space for families in our hometown.


Rosie's Pantry is dedicated in loving memory to the late Rosie Johnson and late Dora Coleman, the grandmother and great-grandmother of 601 for Period Equity founders, Asia and Laila Brown. Rosie and Dora exemplified service and commitment to community during their life, and we dedicate this pantry to them as we hope it upholds their spirit of love and service to community.

Ways to Help

  • Host a diaper/period product drive that will benefit Rosie's Pantry

  • Donate using the link below

  • Email all volunteer/partner inquiries to

Rosie's Pantry: About Us
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